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The scope of IJIS

Notes for Contributors

The scope of IJIS

The International Journal of Iberian Studies (IJIS) is the academic journal for scholars from around the world whose research focuses on contemporary Spain and Portugal from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

IJIS is interested in:
• history (20th century onwards)
• government and politics
• foreign policy and international relations, including with the European Union
• labour and social movements
• social and welfare policies
• economics and business management
• work and employment
• spatial, urban and regional developments
• regional nationalism and ethnic identities
• feminist thought and gender policies
• education and cultural debates
• media, television, cinema and advertising policies
• tourism, leisure and sports policies and management
• language policy and learning issues.

Research articles for peer review should be innovative with respect to the knowledge base on contemporary Spanish and Portuguese affairs, and be grounded in the relevant literature. Proposals should be sent to the co-Editors: Dr Georgina Blakeley (g.blakeley at and Dr Fernando León-Solis (Fernando.leon-solis at

Prospective guest-editors are welcome to approach the co-Editors with a proposal for a themed issue.

In addition, an Open section offering a forum for shorter comment on contemporary events, trends and debates, interviews, obituaries and key documents, contributes to IJIS's mission to stimulate scholarly interest in Spain and Portugal as complex societies with growing international profiles. Prospective contributors should submit material to Lourdes Melción (L.Melcion at Book reviewers and publishers should approach the Reviews Editor (Spain) Dr Lesley Twomey (lesley.twomey at or the Reviews Editor (Portugal) Dr Margaret Clarke (Margaret.clarke at directly.

IJIS publishes predominantly in English with a limited selection of articles in Spanish or Portuguese. IJIS selects research articles through a double-blind peer review process that seeks to be inclusive, within scholarly parameters. Our aim is to publish accepted articles within 6-9 months of initial submission.

Back issues of the journal can be ordered by sending a cheque made out to ACIS for £5 per issue to the Editor at the address below. Overseas orders are free.

Co Editors

Dr Georgina Blakeley (g.blakeley at

Dr Fernando León-Solis (Fernando.leon-solis at

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